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iManage Lotus Notes

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MacroAgility’s Lotus2Outlook Tool streamlines Lotus Notes emails and Outlook emails within the iManage Work 10 application, bringing them together so users can view Lotus emails while working within this powerful DMS platform. iManage Training
Lotus Notes Support
Many firms and organizations choose Lotus Notes as their email client. But, after migrating their Document Management System to iManage DMS, they run into the challenge of opening Lotus Notes documents in iManage.
iManage does not support the Lotus Notes’ DXL document format. To open a Lotus Notes Document in iManage, conversion needs to be made to an iManage-recognized format: Microsoft Outlook’s MSG format.
MacroAgility’s Lotus2Outlook conversion tool solves this problem by allowing you to open your Lotus Notes email documents in Outlook, and view your documents directly in iManage. Contact one of our consultants to learn how you can take advantage of the Lotus2Outlook conversion tool in your firm.
Convert with MacroAgility’s Lotus2Outlook
Lotus2Outlook is a conversion tool that allows you to convert, open or read your Lotus Notes email documents using MS Outlook’s MSG format. This enables you to view your Lotus Notes email documents right in iManage without relying on Lotus Notes. iManage corporate legal
Convert all or selected number of Lotus Notes documents in iManage Work to an Outlook format. Save time and avoid falsely converted documents. The conversion process allows to save the newly converted Outlook document as a new version of Lotus Notes document or replacing the Lotus Notes document with the converted Outlook document. Avoid slowdown caused by multiple conversions by storing the converted copy in iManage.
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