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Squirting Orgasm Technique

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There is no other phenomenon in sex as shrouded in mystery as female ejaculation. The porn industry has elevated squirting into something that may seem as a standard practice that all women can perform on command. (By the way, most squirting you see in porn is actually actors peeing!)
Unfortunately many women have never experienced squirting and don't know how amazing this sensation can feel. How to Achieve a Squirting Orgasm
For me, squirting is the most incredible experience as it results in a total relaxation of the body. Women (and men) are a bit conflicted about squirting and rarely talk about it.
Most discussions I have had with other women about squirting would fall into three categories:
 FIRST-TIME SQUIRTERS - those who experience squirting for the first time and panic, or have their partners freak out. They don’t know what happened and worry they may have just accidentally peed, which tends to be a terrifying thought for most people. They feel shame and worry it may happen again.
POTENTIAL SQUIRTERS - an ever growing number of women who desperately want to unlock their squirting potential, to experience a completely new level of pleasure and sensation, but think that squirting requires some special kind of skills or something that only “other” women can do.
SECRET SQUIRTERS - a lot of women have squirted during their love-making without knowing it at the time and who continue to do so without knowing.
I discovered I could squirt by an accident, or rather realised that the wet spots on the bed after lovemaking were from my ejaculate. Till I read an article about female ejaculation I never really paid any attention to it. My partners never made a big deal out of it either. Sometimes it happened, sometimes it did not.
Only after I started researching into the topic of female ejaculation, I became more conscious of the actual sensations in my body, when I squirted. Once I became more aware of what was happening in my body, I realised I could bring myself to squirting pretty much any time I wanted. Alone or with a partner I could trust. 
This experience has inspired me to design the ONNA WAVE toy specially for squirting practice. Ever since we launched the MOON WAVE, this toy has been responsible for over a 100 first-time soaked bedsheets (that we know of!)…
The female ejaculate liquid is expelled from the urethra.  For this reason, it is mistakenly believed that the fluid released during female ejaculation is urine. Every woman has the ability to squirt, but can take a while to become completely comfortable with this process.
The amount of squirt varies from woman to woman, anywhere from a teaspoon to half a cup of liquid. Some women expel the liquid like a fountain while others have it dribble or leak out of them. This is often why women may be squirting without realizing!
FEMALE EJACULATE IS NOT PEE - Female ejaculate is excreted through the urethra, but the ejaculate fluids are similar to a man’s. Without sperm. The ejaculate fluid is clear, non-sticky, watery,  odourless and might taste sweet or salty. Because it passes through the urethra, it can sometimes have traces of urine.  What we see in porn are women intentionally squirting copious amounts of urine to put on a show, not ejaculating. While it might be possible, don't expect to be hitting the wall. More often than not, squirting is more subtle than that.  It can come in large amounts, but it would take some heavy lifting to achieve the results you see in adult movies. What most women experience is more of gushing and leaking.
SQUIRTING IS NOT ALWAYS ORGASM - The top squirting myth is that it’s always accompanied by orgasm. While they often may happen at the same time, female ejaculation and orgasm  don't always come at the same time. You can squirt without any orgasmic release OR you can experience a squirting orgasm. Squirting Orgasm Technique
Sometimes I will squirt before reaching an orgasm. Often it happens while coming, sometimes I will squirt after I climax, if the stimulation continues. For some women it is easier to squirt after they have already climaxed a few times and allowed for the pressure to build up.  And just as we are capable of multiple orgasms, we can have multiple ejaculations as well.
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