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Apple Enterprise App

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When more and more soft companies build ios and macOS apps for their enterprise customers, these enterprise customers will have more possibilities to select apple devices, so building enterprise app stores and attracting enterprise level developers will be the ultimate direction for apple to enter enterprise market. We offer 20,000 USD to buy the enterprise account, please contact us if you have.
Enterprise app market
App is normally classified individual user app and enterprise app, individual app is for individual customer, enterprise app is for enterprise customer. Apple Enterprise App
In the primary term from internet time to mobile internet time,app is just as a third party app cooperation form, and participate mobile internet commercial activities, most of the sight focus on individual customers, and ignore the enterprise customer.
Now the need of individual customer market is more and more ample, app development speed is slow, comparing that the enterprise level market develops fast, the enterprise app space is very big with no doubt, it’s because that everyone is a member of enterprise or organization except students and old people.
Mobule OA market is used more and more widely, a large commercial activities moves to mobile devices end, employees are used to bring their electronic devices to office, so they can launch the app running in cloud end, employees also expect the work app can be like normal app which is well designed, simple and practical more and more.
In July 2014, IBM and apple announce that IBM Mobile First ios program founded, the aim is two parties will cooperate and develop almost 100 apps, which includes tourist, health care, retail and new energy field, in December 2015, 100 enterprise apps aim was completed, they made more process, the program continues the development field, they even added enterprise customized app service.
In September 2016, apple app coding language swift has officially landed IBM server, the lands means that the developer can develop iphone, Mac and PC apps and use same code language to build server end for these apps, according to IBM, there are more that 10 million developers support swift, at the same time it means IBM has invested a large money for swift language coding language.
IBM MobileFirst for iOS program has the plan to possibly open a big enterprise app market for apple, apple’s current CEO can take the credit, he found that two companies faced many same business chances and problems when he talks with the CEO Ginni Rometty of IBM, so they organized the team cooperation, they tried to face all the problems, and the enterprise app development cooperation is one of the cooperation programs. Apple Developer Enterprise Program Certificate
Once IBM’s big clients decides to use IBM MobileFirst for ios app, buying apple device will be the only choice.
We all know that App Store has an excellent performance in app market, it structures apple developer user belt integration is outstanding, App Store is mainly for individual users and organization, the developer part is also mainly for individual user and organization.
If apple wants to open the enterprise app market, then apple needs a special platform which is only used for enterprise app, we can call it enterprise app store for now, which will gather more enterprise developers and enterprise users.
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