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The CBD market has been experiencing massive growth in the past few years and as a result, there are a number of different products available. Although each of them contains all of the health benefits of CBD, it can be worth investing in different products, depending on what you are using CBD for. Here we have listed our top 5 must-have CBD products, to help make your life easier.
1. CBD Oil
This product is raw CBD, derived directly from the hemp plant. This product is one of the most versatile forms of CBD and can be used in a number of ways. Many people prefer to put a few drops under their tongue, for almost immediate effects. Others prefer to mix it with a hot drink, or put in on food and ingest it that way. CBD Bath Bombs US
At Organical Hemp, we understand that not everyone likes the taste of CBD oil. So as well as our non-flavored CBD oil, we also offer peppermint and blueberry flavors. These are natural flavors that can help to mask the distinct taste of CBD, making it more enjoyable to consume, without affecting its results.
2. CBD Vapes
Vaping is not for everyone, but it is one of the most efficient ways for your body to absorb CBD. The vaporized CBD gets into your bloodstream through your lungs almost instantly, meaning you are feeling its effects quicker than you would with other CBD products. It also has the greatest rates of absorption, meaning that you tend to feel greater effects, compared to other CBD products that contain the same amount of CBD.
At Organical Hemp, we want to provide you with a range of vaping products, so that you can find the solution that works best for you. We offer our vapes in 1000mg or 500mg so that you can choose the right strength for your needs. We also offer two great flavors – green apple and blueberry, so that you can enjoy the experience, as well as the results.
3. CBD Gummies
Gummies are another great way to consume CBD. They are inconspicuous and look just like any other piece of candy. CBD gummies can help to enjoy all the best CBD benefits as well.
Although they may take a little longer to kick in compared to other methods such as vaping, you should still begin to feel the effects around half an hour after you take them. They are easy to incorporate into your everyday routine and come in a range of strengths from 250mg to 1000mg.
4. CBD Topicals
CBD topical creams and ointments are best for people who are struggling with chronic joint pain, inflammation, or sore muscles. Unlike many of the other forms of CBD products, this is applied directly to the skin in the desired spot, it is not ingested. The CBD is absorbed into the skin, providing pain relief in that location. Organic CBD USA
We offer both muscle gel and pain relief cream here at Organical Hemp, giving you options so that you can find what works best for you. CBD topicals can take some time to absorb into the skin, so they don’t provide immediate relief. They can provide long-term relief if you use them consistently, sometimes multiple times a day, depending on your pain.
5. CBD oil for pets
If you love and care for your pets, one of the best things you can do for them is to make sure that they are looked after. CBD oil has numerous benefits for humans, but it can also be used for cats and dogs, too.  If you do choose to give your pet CBD, it is recommended that you find products that are specifically designed for animals and that you use the correct dosage. Because animals drastically vary in size, there is no one-size-fits-all dosage for your cat or dog to follow. Rather you should check the instructions, and go based on your own pets’ weight. Just like with people, you can start small and slowly increase their dosage, until you begin to see results.
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