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Personal Protective Equipment

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FFP2 Respirator
Safety is priceless but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Veritas’s valve-less 9006A FFP2 respirators provide a filtration efficiency of greater than 96% exceeding the standard ‘N95’ respirator requirements of greater than 95%. To remove any doubt of quality, 9006A FFP2 series is comprehensively tested, certified, and CE marked. Personal Protective Equipment
Designed to protect all healthcare staff, patients and members of the public from infectious diseases.
Veritas’s valve-less 9006A FFP2 respirator features include:
·         EN149:2001+A1:2009 CE certification assuring the respirators quality.
·         Fully enclosed noseband to ensure a secure, comfortable fit.
·         Adjustable nose piece to allow for a precise fit on every individual.
·         Fold flat design to save space during storage, allows for 50 respirators in a single box.
·         Latex, Cadmium and Nickel free construction, reducing the risk of an allergic reaction increasing the comfort for long-term users.
·         Light-weight for prolonged wear without fatigue.
·         Meets and exceeds the guidance from the World Health Organisation (WHO).
Regulated under the Personal Protective Equipment Regulation (EU) 2016/425.
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All Veritas Medical Solutions products are developed through collaboration with industry leading professionals to help provide the best quality and protection at an affordable price. Veritas’s products provide the confidence that healthcare professionals require to deliver the best possible level of care and protect patients from preventable harm.
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