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Are mealtimes a battle in your household?

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Do you have a picky eater?
Some parents were surprised to see their children sitting and eating nicely with minimal assistant at meal time. They commented that their children can have completely different eating manners at home. We understand that we all have preferences when it comes to food, but it can become a problem if it’s affecting children’s nutritional intake or even getting in the wellbeing of the child. St ives preschool  
At Handprints, we encourage healthy eating on daily basis. Educators always eat with the children at meal time. We precious the time to talk and share fun things with them. A few weeks ago, our pre-schoolers requested to make smoothies for their friends and educators. They also played a tasting game which was such a fun way for children to try fruits that they had never tasted or even seen!
Here are some tips to the parents:
Get children to be involved in preparing the meal. Ask your child to help out washing the ingredients, adding spices or setting up the dining table.
Love from learning: Children learn from watching us. Children copy our likes, dislikes, and interest in trying new food. Encourage children to try new food together and make it fun! St ives childcare
Be patient with children: Children enjoy food when they make it on their own. It may take some time for children to start trying. Let children to serve themselves by taking small amounts.
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