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Personal solar panel for home

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Residential Solar - Perth
When you choose SolarWave WA for your residential solar systems, you are getting a completely customised system to suit your home and your budget. Our end goal is to help you reduce or eliminate your power bills. With a 25-year performance warranty on solar panels, SolarWave WA's solar power system is one of the best home investments you will ever make. Personal solar panel for home
Solar Smart
A quality solar electricity system on your roof will help you cut your electricity bills, insulate you from rising electricity prices all while making a big difference to the environment.
Latest Technology
We work with market leaders to ensure you get the best quality system for your home or business.
Our expertise
Our team has over 10 years' experience and are CEC Accredited Installers.
100% Quality
We back every job we do and offer a quality guarantee.
Have you been considering solar for your home? Not sure where to start or what you need? Our team of CEC Accredited designers and installers will take you through each step, and customise a solution that suits your individual needs. We look at your current energy bill, roof layout, and budget, and create a layout that will maximise your investment. Solar system installation in Perth cost
Our team personally installs each and every system so our quality is guaranteed for every job. We don’t hire third-party installers, so that means we offer the complete solar journey. From quote, Synergy approvals, install, and after-care support. The person you deal with is the same every step of the way.
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