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How To Build Strong And Unique Brand Identity

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Stop thinking that you can have a strong brand identity by just designing a logo and creating some colorful banners, everyone can do that and unfortunately it requires more than that, which is why i am going to teach you how to build strong and unique brand identity for your business.
First thing you need to keep in mind is that building a strong and unique brand identity doesn’t happen overnight, it requires dedication, persistency, professional design and strong marketing skills.
But don’t be intimidated, achieving a strong and unique brand identity is possible and you too can achieve it, in this post I am going to teach you the most important process of how to build a strong and unique brand identity. Guaranteed WordPress Design
What Is Brand Identity?
Brand identity is simply the physical appearance of a brand, from logo, to colors and the general design that distinguish one brand from another, building a unique and strong brand identity helps in making a business credible and create a lasting impression in the mind of customers, which leads to developing a consistence sales and play a vital role in determining the success of a business.
Why Is Building Strong And Unique Brand Identity Important?
Building a strong and unique brand identity is crucial to every business success, as market become increasingly dynamic and fluctuating, having a strong brand identity will give your business authority over a specific niche, in a way that when someone think of your business niche they automatically think of your brand, if you have a food ordering business when someone think of food ordering they automatically think of your business. Having a strong brand identity is the only way a business will stand out from the competition.
How To Build A Strong And Unique Brand Identity
1. Research Your Audience
The first step is to run a market research, to gather information about your target audience and your competitors. Find out what your target audience are, what are their interest? What attract their attention?
2. Design A Logo Based On Your Research
Next step is to design a logo using colors, font and layout based on your research information, make sure you use both color, font and layout that without a doubt will attract your audience, if you are a personal trainer it will be unwise to use pink in your logo or something cute like teddy bear, never copy your competitors, but take inspiration from them, and think of a way you can add some value, because that is the key to pass competition, by adding value you are giving the interested audience reason to pick you out of the thousands. Build your website
3. Create Enticing Slogan
Slogan is a set of words or a short phrase that comes next to a brand name, sometimes it is added in a logo, it is used to capture attention of the audience.
4. Professional Design System
Finding the right colors to use, font and icons is not enough, you need a professional design system guided by clear standards to assemble the components together to build a professional looking design, this is why it is very important to get a professional designer to take charge of your design system, you can hire a professional designer locally or online, fiver is a great platform to hire a professional designer.
5. Consistency
Consistency is key, make sure you run a proper research first, then build your logo and overall design and maintain it throughout all areas of your business, consistency can easily make or break brand identity, if you have this design today in this part another design in another part or you change your logo, slogan or colors like every month you will never have a strong brand identity, in fact as time goes on your brand identity will keep getting weaker.
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