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Thailand Architecture Firm

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From many years of experiences in the field of design, Openbox is proud to be a leading Bangkok architectural research studio. With a team of studio architects, interior designers, and landscape designers, we provide design services related to various building types. Thailand Architecture Firm
Our services are not only to give simple straightforward ideas which is very easy to approach but also represent artistic touches delicately crafted and woven into every piece of work. Furthermore, in every architectural work and landscape of our team design, we always bring into our consideration how to create harmony between the building and the botanical surroundings which leads to a unique style architectural masterpiece
OPENBOX Interior Design is to create a gentle atmosphere between solid lines, seamless out through nature. Connecting the owner's requirements, culture, and surroundings. Provide a unique identity. Design is all about creating a single line, multiply into detail of object or pattern with specific neat for each requirement. To feel and sense. Balance of touch. Famous Thai architects
I. Interior Design of the Office as in Project Description and Design Brief, including Space Planning, Furniture planning, Loose Furniture Planning, Mood and Tone Concept Design, Material Specification for Interior in Design Area.
II. Furniture and Loose Furniture selection.
III. Interior Design Drawing and Specification Documents.
IV. Construction Site Supervision
V. Decorative Items Selection
VI. Lighting Design for the interior.
VII. Graphic Signage Design for Interior area.
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