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The Best Sipping Tequila

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Quantum Miracle Spirits brings you the revolutionary Elixir Fixer! It is a nanocircuitry patch application that wraps around wine and liquor bottles to achieve an effect similar to years of aging and delivered in a matter of minutes. Natural liquor and wine flavors are instantly enhanced to maturity and the harsh burning tastes that are common in many alcoholic beverages are miraculously smoothed out for an even finish. The Elixir Fixer system is backed with a five-year limited warranty so you can wrap, nano charge and enhance the flavors of an unlimited number of bottles for your continued enjoyment. The Best Sipping Tequila
How It Works
You have probably heard of Nano particles and Nanotechnology, well it is the cutting-edge study and enhancement of matter and materials at the molecular level, all the way down to a nanometer in size (1 billionth of a meter). The technology was invented a medical doctor of quantum physics and nano health and age reversal in humans, he is a highly regarded nanotech pioneer, during experimentation he discovered and developed a special nano circuitry designed and programmed to enhance wines and liquors at the molecular level without the need for any external power sources, it creates its own power. Nothing ever touches the liquid; it simply changes the molecular structure of the liquor or wine to replicate the identical molecules of a liquor or wine that has been aged for 10 years or more. The proof is in the taste and remember, this product has a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee, so give it a try and taste the miracle. Simple to use by wrapping the bottle, wait 5 minutes and pour. Your taste buds will not believe it. Best Tasting Whisky
Revolutionary New Technology
Elixir Fixer is the first known application of nanotechnology to disrupt the wine and liquor market place.
Special Edition
Order today and receive a signed and numbered hand crafted, wooden number box and leather wrap
New Experience
Your taste buds will not believe the flavor enhancements of your favorite liquor of wines. Taste the miracle!
Why Choose Elixir Fixer?
Improved taste & finish
Enhance the true and natural flavors of your favorite alcoholic beverages and enjoy them like never before with Elixir Fixer! Savor the flavor.
Top-shelf quality
Elixir Fixer is surpassing expectations in taste tests from universities to trend-setting bars. Now you can put it to the test! The results will shock you.
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