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Custom Poly Banners Printing

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Dunplast Poly Bag Ltd. is a locally owned bag distributor company based in Winnipeg, MB Canada. We’re proud distributors of quality poly bags, some of our products include plastic bags, resealable zip-lock bags, merchandise bags, retail shopping bags, poly tubing, poly films, custom printed bags and many more! Here at Dunplast Poly Bag Ltd. keeping our warehouse stocked is critical to ensuring our customers immediate demands are always met with quick service. We stock more than 500 popular size and styles of plastic bags as well as packaging products including our custom printed bags which can be made to order and items on hand that can be ready to order and processed!
We aim to revolutionize the entire plastic industry and make it environmentally friendly to as much as possible extent. We serve the clients with their unique needs without any hassle. At Dunplast, we have a range of flexible packaging products that are durable, resistant, and at low cost than any other packaging option. Our professionals are well trained and have the stock if a client needs an emergency delivery. We have oodles of options for your requirements in terms of sizes and terms of meaningful bulk orders. We are one of the leading custom poly bags manufacturers in Canada. For decades, we have been supplying quality products as well as services. We take pride in being one of the best and trusted suppliers of quality compostable poly bags or biodegradable plastic bags. Custom Poly Banners Printing
Mission, Goals & Values
We are a business inspired by values and focused on a vision – Ensuring the best is always provided to our customers. The best quality, the best prices and the best customer care. Our mission is a commitment to create a trustworthy, honest and long lasting relationship with all our customers. We are always seeking for improvement in products, service and all other areas of our business because accommodating our customers needs in quality, products and service is core to our growing business.
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