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iManage Corporate Legal

United States | General information | Popularity - 0/10
MacroAgility is a consulting firm that helps all professionals who face challenges working with their documents, emails and critical communication. The iManage Email and Document Management System can be customized for many industries including educational institutions, healthcare services, real estate and energy companies. iManage Custom Development
The Benefits
MacroAgility can help your business lower your costs while your content and your business grows. The organizational potential of iManage’s artificial intelligence-driven Work 10 application allows you to centralize documents, collaborate efficiently, secure confidential and essential files, and access project work from any device, at any time, from wherever they happen to be.
Increased productivity
An account of AI-enabled smart features, simplified sharing, access and storage helps grow your productivity and centralizes your content in one place. iManage corporate legal
Improve Customer Service
Keep information at your fingertips with powerful searches. Improved collaboration with your clients, contractors and team with extended workspaces.
Ideal Mobility
Access your critical data from anywhere, on any device. Online or offline, your project work won’t skip a beat.
Go Paperless
Save company resources by moving from paper to digital
Gain new Insights
Knowledge management capabilities with comprehensive and powerful search
Improved Your Security
Abide by strict policies and secure all your electronic and physical content.
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