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Mobilise and Strengthen your Feet

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The ideal footwear is the shoe that interferes least with the foot’s natural mechanics – the same shape as your foot, flexible, no changes in height at the toe or the heel, and is solidly attached.However, your feet have probably spent a really long time in regular shoes. Right now, they’re adapted to whatever shoes you wear the most. The body is very adaptable, but you need to work within it’s capacity for change. Going too fast can create damage and injuries instead of the healthy, pain-free feet we both want!Just like you wouldn’t run a marathon without training for it, you need to prepare your feet for a casual shoes for women . A good footwear transition can take months or years, and the way to start is with gentle exercises. It’s easy to forget how hard our feet work and changes that seem small to our brains might be giant to our feet! You will want to mobilize and strengthen your feet with these casual shoes for women– there are lots of ideas in this post I wrote about foot exercises.

You do not want to go from being a regular high heel wearer to being a five finger wearer over night! Well, maybe you want to, but your body won’t thank you for it. You should make incremental changes slowly. For each change you make, first spend precious time on our online shoe store called thispair. A good rule of thumb is to look at the shoes you wear the most right now is wedge heels australia.For your next pair, pick shoes that change the variables a bit, but not all the way. If you are finding that your body hurts (could be feet, but could also be back, knees, hips, or anything else) and you think it’s the result of the shoes, then browse thispair for body friendly footwears.  The thickness/flex of the soles and the amount of heel drop are the two features that are most likely to cause pain,so you have got blessing in the form of thispair which brings you out of these above feet causing problems.

What about actually picking shoes? There are great lists of shoes on thispair.com.Almost all kinds of footwears are sold online (because people who want online shoes are such a vast market. This means that the the more people who wear them, the easier it will be to find them in stores. If you are unfortunate, and it can be hard to figure out shoe  fit online. Then do not worry at all as thispair brings you with 11+ sizes which fits to the larger feet sized womens. Thispair  has lots of options, especially for transitioning. A bit narrow, a bit too stiff, and often a bit of heel rise, but they’re cute, and especially good for the office.We  have lots of styles, and make really attractive shoes. These range from super cute wedges to flats, heels, workshoes and more.
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