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Basic Life Support

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Basic Life Support training creates the platform to learn a wealth of skills in a short space of time. Candidates will be taught practical skills used globally to save lives. A friendly instructor will be on hand to teach a range of skills in a step by step format, and then allow sufficient time for candidates to practice themselves. This creates a high level of confidence by the conclusion of the training.
At the conclusion of the course candidates receive an electronic certificate, which is valid for three years. It is a recognised qualification that can be used as part of CPD within the workplace and gives an individual the confidence to deal with an emergency situation. Personal Protective Equipment
If required, the course can be delivered at your work setting. Should you require one of our trainers to deliver this training at your workplace you have the flexibility of starting the course as early as you would like or alternatively you can request a later start on dates of your choice that suit you and your staff. We can even run the courses on the weekends or at night.
Each learner will receive a colourful, comprehensive manual and a certificate that will be valid for 3 years.
Assessment: You will be assessed by ‘Practical BLS Scenario’ and continuous assessment. Your ‘Practical BLS Scenario’ assessment will consist of 2 skill stations; skill station 1 – The ABCDE approach and skill station 2 – Initial resuscitation and defibrillation.
This BLS course has a mix of theory and practical elements. You will be required to kneel on the floor for some of the practical elements. Vinyl Gloves Wholesale
Students must be physically able to carry out the practical assessments detailed in the course content to achieve the course certificate. If you have any concerns about your ability to complete this element please contact us to discuss.
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