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Dyson Repairs Bristol

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There is nothing worse than your vacuum cleaner breaking down mid-clean.
Are you now faced with a large bill for a new vacuum?
If you have a Dyson all is not lost, as they can usually be repaired quickly and for a fraction of the price of a new one.
We will show you how easy it is to keep your Dyson vacuum cleaner working to maximum efficiency. Our repairs and servicing team is also on hand to help you with any problems you might have with your Dyson handheld vacuum.
Our guide will tell you everything you need to know about our Dyson vacuum cleaner repairs centre in Bristol and how easy it is to access our services. Dyson Servicing Bristol
If you’re looking for Dyson repairs, Bristol, then you’ve come to the right place!
The Vacuum Wizard – Professional Dyson Repairs & Servicing in Bristol.
The Vacuum Wizard is an independent expert in Dyson vacuum cleaners.
At The Vacuum Wizard, we offer professional servicing and repairs for your Dyson vacuum cleaners.
We are situated in Keynsham in between Bristol & Bath, so we are conveniently placed to be able to serve both customers from the cities of Bristol and Bath and surrounding areas.
Can a Dyson Vacuum be Repaired?
A well-cared-for Dyson can last years if not decades.
However, you should expect to send your Dyson to our Bristol vacuum cleaner repairs centre for routine services to keep your machine in maximum working condition.
We can also provide you with the correct replacement parts for your Dyson vacuum cleaner if anything breaks or stops working. This is a cheap and affordable way to keep your vacuum cleaner working.
What is the process for sending my Dyson into you for repairs or servicing?
Contact us with more information about your vacuum.
If you need a replacement part, take a look at our website, and we can send you the appropriate part in the post.
If we cannot help you over the phone or email, then we will get you to bring your vacuum into our vacuum cleaner repairs centre in Bristol for an assessment.
We will usually service or repair your vacuum while you wait.
We will have your Dyson vacuum back up and running before you know it.
Can I repair any common problems myself?
There are several common vacuum cleaner problems that can be easily fixed at home:
Brush bar failing to rotate – Gently remove debris from around the brush.
Battery power issues – Check your vacuum is fully charged, and that there is no visible damage to the battery or charging unit. If everything looks ok, then your vacuum might be cutting out due to an airflow issue. Contact us for further information about how to fix this fault.
Dirty filter affecting performance – Most Dyson filters need to be regularly cleaned in cold water to ensure maximum performance. Other filters will need to be replaced. Contact us for a replacement filter.
Does Dyson Vacuum Have a Lifetime Warranty?
All Dyson vacuum cleaners come with at least a 2-year guarantee. If you have any problems with your vacuum cleaner during this time, then Dyson will repair any broken parts or replace the vacuum if needed.
You can also get a lifetime of help from our Dyson Repairs Bristol shop.
No matter what goes wrong with your Dyson, our vacuum cleaner repairs service is here to carry out any necessary repairs. You won’t find anyone else in the Bristol area who can beat our team’s experience level.
If you are not local to Bristol, you can still contact us for support, and we can post out any replacement parts that you might need.
Different Types of Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Can we Repair?
We currently specialise in Dyson handheld vacuums, and we have a great reputation for our knowledge of these particular Dyson models.
There is no problem that we can’t fix. We also stock all the necessary replacement parts for every repair.
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