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Manual Sanitiserdispenser

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Safety is priceless but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Veritas’s 9006R BS EN14683:2019 Type IIR compliant Face Masks provide a bacterial filtration efficiency of greater than 99% exceeding the standard ‘Type IIR’ face mask requirements of greater than 98%. To remove any doubt of quality, 9006R Type IIR series is comprehensively tested, certified, and CE marked.  Manual Sanitiserdispenser
Veritas Medical Solutions BS EN14683 Type IIR compliant Face Masks reduces discomfort and protects against non-toxic dust particles, allergens and reduces the risks of transfer of infections. Type IIR compliant Face Masks are flexible, disposable face masks worn over the mouth and nose, held in place behind the ears with an elastic strap. They help to reduce the risk of inhaling non-toxic dust particles, allergens, bacteria and viruses.
Key benefits include:
· Protects the airways
· Covers the mouth, nose and chin
· Enhances infection control
· Significantly lowers the risk of cross-contamination
· Fifty disposable type IIR compliant face masks per pack
· Please refer to packaging before use
Disposable Vinyl Gloves
All Veritas Medical Solutions products are developed through collaboration with industry leading professionals to help provide the best quality and protection at an affordable price. Veritas’s products provide the confidence that healthcare professionals require to deliver the best possible level of care and protect patients from preventable harm.
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