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Online K 12 Professional Development

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TESOL Trainers provides highly interactive online professional development for K-12 educators.  Our online professional development helps teacher learn how to engage their students in meaningful ways online.
Online K 12 Professional Development with TESOL Trainers
TESOL Trainers provides exceptional online professional development for today's K-12 teacher.  Our PD is highly engaging and empowering. 
Whether you need support in TESOL, SIOP, Vocabulary Acquisition, Engaging students, or online teaching techniques, TESOL Trainers can tailor make a professional development workshop that sets your teachers up for success.  Any kind of professional development that we offer in a traditional manner can be offered online. 
The design and delivery of our online professional development helps teachers see how teaching and learning can be enjoyable in a virtual format. 
TESOL Trainers offers experiential online teacher training that shows teachers the fundamentals of the training theme by presenting real online lessons and real teaching examples.  Participating teachers will improve their online teaching techniques by participating in this kind of professional development. Educators learn how to engage their students meaningfully in a remote learning environment.
K-12 teachers who attend our remote PD will never look at teaching online the same again.  They leave feeling excited to experiment and empowered to educate their students with Zoom, Teams, or Meet.
Benefits of online Professional Development with TESOL Trainers
·         Flexible scheduling
·         Small and large group options
·         Classes are engaging, empowering, and educational
·         Teachers can log-on from their schools or from their homes
·         All topics are offered in an online format
·         Teachers improve their online teaching techniques
TESOL Techniques
This 1-3 session remote PD examines the fundamental principles of TESOL.  It helps participants understand challenges second language learners face and provides concrete strategies teachers can use with little to no teacher preparation.  This online professional development program takes teachers through a series of experiences and lessons that help them see how to best support the English learners they serve online.  This online K-12 PD gives teachers the opportunity to unpack TESOL strategies and techniques to uncover key lessons about teaching second language learners.  It helps educators reflect on their own strengths and challenges in implementing these new tools and provides teachers with tips on how to successfully integrate these skills into their daily teaching practices. Teachers leave with a refined understanding of the four domains of language and how to teach them in a manner that supports student learning outcomes.
Principles & Practices of SIOP
This K-12 professional development series does more than introduce teachers to the SIOP framework.  This online PD gives teachers the tools they need to plan, teach, and reflect on a SIOP lesson in their specific context.  By experiencing real SIOP lessons, teachers understand how to make their content comprehensible, how to explicitly teach language, and how to scaffold all of their students into success.  Packed with strategies and techniques, this 2-4 session remote PD will transform how educators approach teaching and learning.  The SIOP strategies they receive are concrete examples they can use in their classrooms the next day without having to spend hours trying to figure out how to adapt them to their contexts. Best of all, teachers walk away with a real appreciate of what it means to set all students up for success.  All educators leave this PD with the necessary confidence and competence to support all students.
Engaging Students Online
Engaging students online does not have to be challenging for students or for their teachers.  TESOL Trainers provides remote K12 Professional Development that shows teachers how to actively engage students with the language, the content, and one another.  Our K-12 teacher training workshops  provide practical, versatile strategies and techniques that teachers can use immediately without having to read manuals, watch videos, or spend hours planning.  We help teachers realize which classroom tools still work in the online classroom, how to adapt techniques from the traditional classroom to the virtual learning environment and what new strategies need to be developed. Our online K-12 professional development empowers teachers and rejuvenates their love of teaching and their willingness to stretch and grow. Online Teaching Techniques Training
Teaching with Zoom
Zoom is a potent medium for learning.  Our remote K-12 professional development workshops help teachers harness the power of Zoom to support all students in online learning environments.  Our professional development engages every educator from the beginning to the end of the training.  There are no lectures.  We provide experiential activities that model how teachers can use breakout rooms, whiteboards, share screen, remote access, chat and much more to make learning come alive.  We provide training on how to manage the online learning environment in a way that encourages every student to interact with the content of the lesson and with one another.  Our K12 professional development on teaching with Zoom will absolutely leave educators breathless, inspired, and motivated to teach online in engaging, meaningful ways with Zoom.
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