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Frequently Asked Questions: Diamonds & Fine Jewellery

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Silver jewellery is most often made of sterling silver (925 silver).  It is a softer metal that can deform quite easily, and doesn’t have a very long lifespan.  It is therefore not recommended to manufacture fine jewellery set with diamonds and precious gems in this metal, as it does not offer longevity.  Because sterling silver is soft and prone to deforming (going out of shape), it can’t guarantee a secure setting for your precious stones when exposed to every day wear and tear. Sterling silver also unfortunately tarnishes quite easily. Diamond Engagement Rings Cape Town
With regards to after-care, silver jewellery presents difficulties when it comes to repair, re-tipping of claws, re-sizing and general maintenance.
We therefore only use the highest-grade gold or platinum to ensure that your jewellery piece, whether engagement ring, earrings or pendant, meets our high standards of excellence, provides the safest setting for your diamonds and gemstones, and will last for many years.
Although silver is cheaper than other precious metals, from an overall resilience and investment point of view, it’s really best not to skimp on your choice of metal. We encourage those desiring to have a designer diamond piece crafted to look at their lifestyles. Our jewellery designers are happy to help you determine which metals are better suited to different lifestyles and even personalities.
Why can’t I buy online directly from your website?
Due to the nature of luxury items such as diamond engagement rings and other fine jewellery, we aren’t a traditional add-to-cart online store. We prefer to open a line of communication with our clients, which ensures we are able to offer a more tailored, personalised and exceptional service to individuals looking to make an important and often sentimental purchase.  
We ideally love for individuals to visit our showroom, where one can view diamonds and jewellery in person, obligation-free.  If you are unable to visit us, we liaise with both international and local clientele online via instant messaging (such as WhatsApp), email, Zoom/Skype consultations, or by any other means they might feel comfortable using. We offer obligation-free consultations with our highly esteemed designers at no charge and use tracked and insured shipping for our clients living outside Cape Town and abroad.
It’s extremely important to note that our jewellery designers and goldsmiths are able to custom-craft most designs to suit your desired specifications. For example, think ring size, diamond clarity and colour, budget and precious metal type – these are all extremely important details to us and to our clients that require liaison. In order to provide accurate quotations and a personalised service, we encourage our potential clients to get in touch with our designers via our Contact Us page or book a consultation with us at our Sea Point showroom if in the area. Cape Town Jewellers
Why are there no prices on your website?
As mentioned above, we’re able to custom-craft most jewellery pieces and need precise details from our clients regarding their desired specifications in order to do this. Prices can vary tremendously depending on the desired design, preferred manufacturing process, precious metal types and diamond sizes, clarity and colour. As one of Cape Town’s premier manufacturing jewellers, our aim is to make your dreams come true by custom manufacturing pieces to suit your desired price range.
If you’ve fallen in love with a particularly gorgeous piece on our website, please contact us by either requesting a quote or booking a consultation. We have an extensive selection of certified diamonds in a variety of sizes and qualities in stock, should you wish to purchase in a higher or lower price range.
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