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Commercial gym equipment

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WalkingPad was created by a group of professors, sports scientists, mechanical & electrical engineers and a product design expert in Chicago.
Through extensive research and discussions, we developed the innovative features of WalkingPad with the customer's needs in mind. Home workout equipment  
Superior Foldable Design
Conventional treadmills are huge and occupy unnecessary space. The WalkingPad incorporates a unique dual folding mechanism, the deck and handle can be easily folded up for compact and simple storage.
Unlock New Possibilities
WalkingPad is your perfect exercise buddy that allows you to stay healthy under different scenarios.
Dual-Mode Exercise Machine
Learn from the feedback of our previous customers, we redesign the WalkingPad R1 PRO with the capability to serve your running need. We also reshape the WalkingPad R1 PRO by adding a balancing handle and prolonging the deck for the better running experience.
Advanced Design and Build Quality
By using an aluminum alloy frame, the durability and stability of WalkingPad are significantly enhanced. We improved the power of the motor but also reduced the noise level at the same time. Additionally, the EVA cushioning softens the impact on your knees and the anti-slip running belt will provide a better grip. Commercial gym equipment
Safety Clip and Handle
The WalkingPad has a newly added safety clip and front handle to keep you safe while you exercise. The handle provides additional balance while the safety clip acts as an emergency stop button.
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