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South Africa:
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South African Jewellery Designers

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From the Eastern most reaches of Africa in the country of Tanzania, home to the magnificent Serengeti with its abundant wildlife, and the awe-inspiring grandeur of Mt. Kilimanjaro, came the discovery of the century. A precious gem so exotic, so rare, that it is found exclusively in a tiny area just a few kilometres long. This discovery is Tanzanite.
Found 2000 feet below the surface, Tanzanite is carefully mined by hand, to avoid damage to the precious little supply the earth has given us. Like any natural material, the intensity of Tanzanite’s crystal blue colour varies from stone to stone. Some people are mesmerised by the cool blue stones, while others are transfixed by the unusual blue-violet hue of the gem. Whatever your choice, the highest quality Tanzanite is now available to you in variable cuts and settings: from elegant classical styles to simple modern designs for the discerning investor. South African Jewellery Designers
Due to limited supply, Tanzanite is a unique, personal statement of style and beauty. Only a privileged few will possess this valuable and exciting discovery of the Twentieth Century.
Keeping your Tanzanite’s capturing zeal
It is not advised to wear Tanzanite when busy with vigorous activities; but rather to adorn yourself with Tanzanite jewellery for special occasions.
Both Emerald and Tanzanite are on the same hardness scale of 6-7. Take care when having repairs done on your Tanzanite Jewellery, extreme temperature change can crack the stone.
The hardness is also related to the gemstones durability. Tanzanite will scratch when in contact with hard objects. Separate Jewellery boxes or pouches for storage are recommended. Custom Made Jewellery Cape Town
A general rule with Jewellery is to take it off when working with liquids and even more so with your Tanzanite jewellery pieces. Water compromises the stones vibrancy and shine.
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