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Reclaiming the classics - Marksolomonjewellers.co.za

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With Valentine’s day just a week away, the race to find the perfect gift for your most beloved (whether that be a special someone or yourself) is on.
Bearing this in mind, we’d like to take a look at some of the most iconic, must have, jewellery pieces, and how these can cater to more individualistic tastes.
The tennis bracelet
Every woman who does not own a diamond tennis bracelet either desires one openly or in secret. The most often seen, claw set variety is so classy and versatile, they invariably end up being worn on a daily basis.  Diamonds Cape Town
But what if you like the look, but prefer your jewellery a but left of the middle? Luckily tennis bracelets come in lots of shapes, sizes and colours, even variations as colourful as your teenage daughter’s unicorn hair, like this rainbow sapphire bracelet set in yellow gold.
The stud earring
A pair of diamond stud earrings are absolutely essential to every jewellery collection. You’d think bigger is better, but a pair you feel comfortable in from the office to the grocery store ends up being your best buy.
But all diamond studs basically look the same right? Wrong! Old school diamond clusters earrings are making a huge comeback in new and different ways. This is good news for your pocket as the individual stones are smaller and therefore less costly than a single diamond in each earlobe. So you can get more spread for less, not to mention a unique twist on an essential classic.
Alternatively adding black or white diamond jackets to your existing studs can add a perfect face lift to an old favourite.
The eternity ring
A long-time favourite for wedding bands, statement rings and accent rings, the diamond eternity ring has never gone wrong. With current trends celebrating all that is whimsical, the style spectrum is wider than ever.
For delightfully stackable fun, stick to thin bands in rose gold, coloured gemstones and different setting styles.
Alternatively, go for the classic, traffic stopping eternity ring set with round brilliant diamonds, or baguettes for a modern edge. Buying Diamonds in South Africa
Whether you embrace the classics, or like your jewellery as unusual as possible, at Mark Solomon Jewellers we aim to make all your diamond dreams come true. Contact our sales team for more information today, or visit our showroom in Sea Point to see our impressive range in person.
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