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Slots Success Amounts to Lower Theoretical Loss

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The obvious way to calculate the performance of slots is by your winnings. After all, the aim of playing slots is to win a major jackpot or at least make some money by the end of your session.
The problem with this, though, is that the slots are highly unpredictable. You could lose money for 10 sessions in a row before you eventually book a major win.
This intense uncertainty also hurts more than it helps. Therefore, you may want to calculate your slot output in a different way: lower theoretical losses.
I’m going to clarify more about what this definition means. I’m also going to explore ways you can boost the results of your real money online slots. Online Live Casino Singapore
Slot Machines Are Negative Expectation Games
You can’t beat yourself up over slots losses. The averages suggest that you’re going to lose money in the short and long run.
Nevertheless, some players still have a tendency to get mad when they lose. They feel that luck is on their side and get angry when their fortunes turn.
Slots Also Play at a Really Fast Rate
Again, every slots bet is an unfavorable proposition. But this aspect is nothing different from other casino games or real money slots apps.
One way that slot machines do differ from the pack, though, is their play rate. Slots encourage you to gamble at an extremely fast rate.
Each spin finishes really quickly when compared to table games like blackjack, craps, and roulette. You can play hundreds of rounds each hour as a result.
Here’s an example on how the quick play rate can accelerate your losses:
You bet $1 per spin
You’re on a machine with a 5% house edge (95% RTP)
You perform 500 spins per hour
500 x 1 x 0.05 = $25 in hourly losses
If you were allowed to bet just $1 on other casino games, then you wouldn’t lose anywhere close to $25 an hour.
The reason why is because most games don’t run nearly as fast as slot machines. So, you have to worry about the quick play rate just as much as the expected losses with slots.
Of course, you could always purposely slow down how fast you spin the reels.
This allows you to take advantage of the low minimum slots bets and also expose yourself less to the house edge.
Chances are, though, you don’t want to purposely play slow. The only people who actually want to do this are drink-mongering comp hunters, who pretend like they’re playing slots just to get free drinks.
Think About Lowering Losses, Not Winning Consistently
You can see that the odds are stacked against you in slots. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to quit playing and enjoying yourself. Bet Online Singapore
Instead, you just need to revise your expectations.
Your goal should be to lower theoretical losses rather than expecting wins.
You could further refine this goal by stating that you want to minimize losses while chasing big payouts and lucrative features. Assuming you’re lucky enough to win a large jackpot, you might win serious profits that more than cover your past losses.
Of course, jackpots don’t come around every other day. You’re unlikely to win a huge payout any time in the near future.
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