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Compare Electricity Rates

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Momentum Energy is a 100% Australian-owned and operated energy retailer who offers very competitive rates to both residential and business customers along with a range of energy products and services. Momentum’s commitment to renewable energy makes it a great choice for customers looking for green alternatives for their energy needs. Compare Electricity Rates
Momentum Energy retail electricity in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia. Momentum Energy also retail natural gas to Victorian customers. In 2016-17, Momentum saw growth of 14% overall and 20% in Victoria, making it one of the fastest-growing energy retailers in Victoria.
Momentum Energy is owned by Hydro Tasmania, the leading renewable energy supplier in Australia. Hydro Tasmania is owned by the Tasmanian Government, and has been at the forefront of clean energy innovation for more than 100 years. Hydro Tasmania prides themselves in providing clean energy from more water and wind resources than any other competitor.
Their SmilePower plans ensure that for every kW of electricity you use, Hydro Tasmania or another electricity generator will supply an equivalent amount of Renewable Energy to the National Electricity Market.
Momentum energy offers low rates without relying on discount promotions. You may even qualify for a special welcome bonus with a credit on your account when you switch. Energy Plans
Why choose Momentum Energy?
Momentum Energy primarily provides energy solutions for:
– Homes and businesses looking for cleaner energy through renewable energy sources.
– Small to medium businesses.
– Large energy users with a monthly usage exceeding $1500.
In both 2017 and 2018, Momentum was recognised for its fantastic customer service in multiple categories at the Mozo’s People’s Choice Awards. These included winning in the categories of:
Excellent Customer Service
Clearest Power Bills
Environmental Awareness
Outstanding Customer Satisfaction
At Just Compare we will compare different companies and plans available for your property. We’ll consider lowest rates, best overall discount, special offers and payment bonuses, or any other special plan features that you want to see from your electricity company.
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