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How To Prepare For UCAT Abstract Reasoning

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In this section, we will cover what UCAT Abstract Reasoning entails, and how to effectively answer UCAT Abstract Reasoning questions.
What is UCAT Abstract Reasoning?
Abstract Reasoning is the fourth subtest in UCAT.
It assesses your non-verbal and visuo-spatial reasoning ability. You will be required to identify patterns, spot trends, engage in hypothesis testing and ignore distracting information in order to arrive at the right answer.
Why is Abstract Reasoning important in medicine?
Much of the work of a senior health professional involves pattern recognition. Furthermore, doctors will often need to generate and test hypotheses, extract relevant information and identify trends in their day to day work and in research.
What is the structure of UCAT Abstract Reasoning?
In UCAT Abstract Reasoning, you will have 55 questions to answer in just 13 minutes, which is an average of less than 15 seconds per question!
Most UCAT Abstract Reasoning questions are presented in units of 5 questions, based on two ‘sets’ of images. Some questions will be individual or ‘standalone’.
UCAT Abstract Reasoning questions can look unfamiliar and intimidating. You will be presented with several images, and you will need to identify (and sometimes extrapolate) patterns to arrive at the correct answer.
What strategies can I use to answer UCAT Abstract Reasoning questions?
It is useful to use a mnemonic that covers the key patterns that arise in UCAT Abstract Reasoning questions. Practicing UCAT Abstract Reasoning questions will familiarise you with common patterns and rules. There are a variety of effective UCAT strategies that can be used for each type of Abstract Reasoning question to arrive at the answer quickly and accurately. These will be covered in detail in the MedEntry UCAT Course. UCAT Question Bank
How should I prepare for UCAT Abstract Reasoning?
Test your ability in UCAT Abstract Reasoning with MedEntry’s free Diagnostic Test. Then develop effective strategies to answer UCAT Abstract Reasoning questions by attending a UCAT Workshop and using MedEntry’s comprehensive guided curriculum. Practice the strategies by working on the UCAT practice exams, subtest mocks and drills on MedEntry’s UCAT online platform. Use MedEntry’s sophisticated feedback and personalised adaptive learning technology to target your weak areas in the lead up to UCAT test day.
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