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Wardrobe Doors in Sydney

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Give your bedrooms a make-over with new, custom made, sliding or hinged wardrobe doors. Choose from a selection of designs painted in polyurethane in a color to match your insides.
Wardrobes Doors are a superb way to match any bedroom. Fantastic for keeping clothes, these freestanding structures may increase your home's decoration and generate a fantastic space saver in the bedroom. Additionally known as armories, these freestanding cabinets usually contain a hanging bar in addition to shelving or drawers for clothes storage.
Doors can be for newly built-in wardrobes or replacement doors for an existing wardrobe. Blum hinges, tracks, handles and other accessories can also be supplied. We deliver in the Sydney metropolitan area or by crate Australia wide.
Sydney Wardrobe custom builds to match the client's needs. In addition, Sydney Wardrobe provides a complete selection of quality built-in joinery and layout for all your storage conditions. Should you require space at the office, bedroom, hall, garage or laundry for clothing, linen, brooms or whatever you would like to save, our wardrobe strategy will solve your storage issues.
We offer Built & Walk-In Wardrobes with the options of either hinged or sliding doors. Wardrobe doors come in colored glass, frosted glass, mirrors, polyurethane, melamine, solid timber or a combination of any type. In addition, we have the choice of routed hinged doors and respective colors of the painted polyurethane.
Custom wardrobes in Sydney can function not only for clothing storage but for decorative purposes as well. However, choosing the right wardrobe finish for your bedroom can be tricky if you're unsure what to look for.
·   Birch
The natural birch color wood provides a blonde, natural appearance. Many people decide to blot their birch furniture in different colors, but some leave it to get an outdoorsy and rustic appearance. The birch wardrobe appears best when compared to a woodsy decoration. Use it on your beachfront location or inside a room with vulnerable natural beams.
·   Beech
Beech is a medium colored wood that's beige to brown. Decide on a beech dress to accent a neutral decoration. Use with forest green or brown furniture. Add a flowing green plant to the surface of your wardrobe to get a natural-themed accent.
·   Cherry
Cherry wardrobes are darker and richer in color. Almost appearing reddish at first glance, this is a deep brown wood. The cherry wardrobe goes perfectly with a similarly colored sleigh bed.
·   Walnut
Walnut wardrobes complement nearly any decoration but are used most frequently in modern design. Pair your walnut colored amazing wardrobes with stage beds for an edgy feel. Use your walnut wardrobe along with recessed lighting. Add in silver accents like vases, lamps and picture frames to fill out the look.
·   White
If you add white colored custom built-in wardrobes to a room, it gives it a romantic and classy feel. Fantastic for the shabby chic look or a little girl's bedroom, white shades are flexible in addition to fashionable. The white dress is a canvas to the creativity and may be painted or designed using stencils to get a personalized look.
Wardrobe doors come in colored glass, frosted glass, mirrors, polyurethane, melamine, solid timber or a combination of any type. Browse a wide selection of Wardrobe doors online on Sydney Wardrobe into various styles.
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