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Best Energy Provider AU

Australia | General information | Popularity - 0/10
Alinta Energy is a leading Australian electricity company with over 1 Million electricity and gas retail customers throughout Australia.
The ‘Alinta’ brand was born in 1995, starting with retailing gas as AlintaGas in Western Australia. AlintaGas became Alinta Energy in 2010. Today, Alinta is one of the leading energy retailers in Western Australia, Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, and Queensland. Best Energy Provider AU
Alinta Energy also operates one of Australia’s largest contracted energy generation portfolios with eight power stations across Australia and New Zealand. Alinta Energy manages fuel sources and transportation, transmission lines, and gas pipelines.
Alinta’s discounted market offers include a range of Fair Deal Plans with their discounted prices varying according to region and distribution network.
Their discounts include pay on time bonuses, and flexible payment options with no penalty for credit card payments. Customers have access to a rewards program with discounts on things like movie tickets, fun parks, electronics, and gift shopping.
Alinta Energy’s online account helps their customer to view and manage their bills online, with a record of payment history, variations in energy usage, and direct debit setup.
Why choose Alinta Energy?
Alinta Energy is determined to make a difference – and that doesn’t stop at affordable gas and electricity. Their sponsorships and community involvement help enrich the quality of life for everyday Australians, locally and nationally. Power Connection
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