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Star Anise

Australia | General information | Popularity - 0/10
Star Anise is a star shaped spice mainly used in Asian cooking. It is the dried pod from the fruit of the Illicium verum plant, an evergreen tree of Magnolia family native to Southwest China. The pods have six to eight prongs, each containing a single seed. Star Anise has a strong, distinct, sweet and spicy flavour, similar to Aniseed. It has a Fennel and Licorice-like aroma. It adds wonderful layers of complex flavour and aroma to the dishes.
Star Anise is predominantly used in many Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian and Indonesian cuisines. It is used in Eastern cuisines similarly to the use of Aniseed in Western cuisines.
Star Anise pairs with beef, chicken, ducks, eggs, fish, figs, leek, pears, pork, pumpkin, root vegetables, shrimp, soy sauce and tropical fruit. It is a classic companion with tomato-based sauce or stew adding a warm, spicy undertone. It is a key ingredient in Pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup and Indian/Middle Eastern rice dish – Biryani. Star Anise is widely used to flavour beverages like chai/ tea and infuse several liquors including Absinthe, Sambuca and Pastis for a Licorice like flavour.
Star Aniseed is an important ingredient in spice blends like Chinese Five Spice.
Star Anise combines well with Chilli, Cinnamon, Citrus, Coriander seed, Fennel seed, Garlic, Ginger, Lemongrass, Nutmeg and Sichuan Peppercorns.
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