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Therapist Canberra

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It is about time we break the stigma attached to therapy or counselling. In the times that we live, we have come too far to be ignoring something as crucial as mental health. Every single one of us has faced some problems at one point or the other. And we all deserve to receive the help, should we choose.
There is this notion attached to the idea of seeking professional help only when you are in serious crisis. However, this idea could not be more wrong. Going to a counsellor does not have to be your last resort.
In fact, counselling canberra can help at any stage in your life, be it work stress, relationship problem, behavioural issues that you found or perhaps something else that is troubling you. Simply talking about your feelings can lift a heavy weight off your chest. Therapist Canberra  
Why therapy and not medication?
Okay, this is one rule that you should always live by. Let your body do its job and do NOT take medication until it is absolutely necessary or prescribed by a healthcare professional.
Yes, the idea that taking a pill can make your problems go away is certainly appealing; however, it is not the truth. Medication cannot solve your problem, it sure can help alleviate your situation. You cannot resolve what’s troubling you by simply taking medication.
Mental problems can arise from various causes and can be solved at the root of them. This is why therapy is useful. It is a method of reaching into your past and your mind to help you find closure over the issue that is making your life hard.
True, therapy can be time-consuming and even uncomfortable. You have to address issues you probably would like to avoid and talk about feelings that you’d rather not articulate. However, sometimes you have to take the uncomfortable step for the sake of healing.
Moreover, medication has certain side effects. Therefore, you should first attempt therapy and do what your counsellor suggests.
Types of therapy
There are several types of therapy. A few common types are:
Individual Therapy
Individual therapy is centered around you and helps you figure out yourself and your problems. It explores negative thoughts and feelings. It also addresses self-destructive behaviors that could be a result of negative thoughts. It can help you address certain traumatic experiences that you may not remember but are costing you your peace of mind and relationships.
Couples Therapy (Marriage Counselling)
Your relationship can hit a rocky path. To recover from it, you and your partner can choose to opt for marriage counsellor. In fact, the very decision shows dedication and commitment to make things work. And with the help of a professional, you can address the issues that are causing your relationship to fail.
Family Therapy
Families can be hard to deal with. Not everyone gets the perfect utopian family and it’s okay. We’re all humans, we all have issues. Therefore, family therapy sessions are conducted to help your family bridge the communication gap and get closer to each other. Psychotherapy Canberra
Human minds are complex and therapy is a way to help you understand yourself better. There is nothing wrong with taking help. Here, at DIPAC, we provide you with counselling services, making your life easier.
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