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Pure and Fresh – do you know your spices?

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Ground Spices are often purchased from supermarkets, specialty shops or online stores but are you sure of their purity and freshness?
Any cooking connoisseur will say that grinding whole spices yourself is the best way to consume them. Fresh ground spices have superior aroma, flavour and texture as they release essential oils containing the aroma and flavour. These essential oils dissipate with time based on how it is stored, reducing the aroma and flavour. Gluten free couscous
Most companies marketing ground spices have no control over the production. In my quest to deal with debilitating food allergies, I scrutinised the purity of spices I was consuming. I was horrified to discover that ground spices were often adulterated with fillers, other less expensive spices, flours, starch, salt and even non-food grade adulterants. Some of you may have read about the adulterated oregano products – these products were contaminated by up to 50% of olive leaves!
While identifying adulteration in ground spices is difficult, it is even more challenging to ascertain when the spices were ground.
In my culture, spices are often used to aid recovery from minor ailments. Micro nutrients and essential oils in spices have great functional properties that were used in Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine). Their benefits are not well understood by modern science – that is a topic for another day. These micro nutrients dissipate after the spices are activated by grinding (or other processing) so fresh grinding is very important.
But what if you don’t have the time, confidence or equipment to grind your spices?
Do not despair – Spice Zen has launched a range of fresh ground spices. Our fresh, handcrafted spices are ground just for you on your order. You can be completely assured about the freshness of these products. We grind organic, whole spices so you get a 100% pure product- no fillers, no nasties – just the spices as it’s meant to be! Chickpea spices
The ground spices are immediately packed in an airtight glass jar to seal the freshness. Our fresh ground spices include a range of stoneground spices, roasted stoneground spices and fresh ground spice blends.
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