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Marriage Counselling Canberra

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DIPAC offers Marriage Counselling services for the Canberra, Queanbeyan and ACT region from our offices at Level 1 - 18 National Circuit, Barton ACT. So if you need to discuss your marriage or just want to talk to someone, we can help.
From time to time, almost any relationship can hit a rocky patch. Sometimes the causes are quite clear cut, in other circumstances the breakdown has been gradual, a combination of different factors or simply "life getting in the way". Whatever the cause of marriage problems, marriage counselling can help. We are an established provider of marriage counselling Canberra couples can access in order to begin addressing the difficulties they are experiencing in their relationship.
Counselling Marriage Guidance
Our experienced, fully qualified therapists use a variety of different techniques, working towards achieving the best outcome for both parties in the marriage. Their aim is to help couples unpick the difficulties they are facing, then agree a mutually satisfactory way of moving forward. Our therapists are able to tailor what we offer to suit individual couples. The counselling may act as a springboard towards specialist work in specific areas, for example:
·         Communication in marriages
·         The physical side of a marriage
·         Money advice and counselling
·         Grief counselling Canberra residents can use to complement their marriage counselling
·         Anxiety counselling Canberra couples can access if anxiety is playing a key role in creating marriage problems
Following an initial assessment, the therapist will be able to suggest a way forward, building in regular reviews in order to optimise the outcomes. This may include individual counselling as well as couples counselling. The goal is for couples to work towards recognising what the issues are and coming up with solutions that work for them and save the marriage. Marriage Counsellors Australia
Marriage Counsellors near me
There are numerous problems which can beset a relationship. Marriage counselling Canberra couples use can be helpful in addressing the following:
·         Intimacy issues (including loss of libido, infidelity, poor communication)
·         Poor communication within the relationship, leading to arguments, stony silence, secrets and a failure to resolve differences in opinion in a mutually beneficial manner
·         An adversarial element to the relationship
·         Differing attitudes towards issues which affect the relationship. Commonly money, employment, childcare, the division of household tasks, illness and differing priorities can all be causes of friction within a relationship
·         Differing priorities and values when it comes to bringing up children
·         Issues with wider family, for example, obligations towards parents, grandchildren or other relatives
·         Issues with addictions or other anti-social or damaging behaviour.
This is not an exhaustive list! We are able to provide the marriage counselling Canberra couples need for almost any type of marital issue.
What are the benefits of marriage counselling Canberra couples access?
There are a number of potential benefits which marriage counselling can offer. These include:
·         A safe, non-threatening space in which to explore contentious issues
·         A skilled facilitator on hand to enable mutually satisfactory communication, minimising the risk of going over old ground again over issues which have been rehashed repeatedly without achieving a satisfactory outcome
·         The potential to find avenues for compromise and win-win solutions to problems
·         Fresh insights into marital problems which can provide partners with the tools they need for positive change
·         A neutral third party who won't judge who's "right" or tell you what to do.
Marriage Counselling is all about giving couples the tools they need to resolve their own issues.
Counselling not only frequently gives couples the skills necessary to fix whatever's going wrong in their relationship, these same tools can be used to strengthen the relationship and minimise the risk of things going wrong again further down the line. To find out more about how marriage counselling in Canberra may help, call today on: 02 6198 3423
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