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Social and Community Participation

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We understand, all individuals need to have an adequate, sustainable, level of social inclusion in order to thrive. We provide services for individuals or their loved ones who require someone to provide them support to engage in social and community activities.
We can assist individuals who want to engage in community and social activities by providing a support worker to take them to these events. Plan Management NDIS
Examples of social and community participation include:
Social events
Recreational activities
Exercise classes (i.e. local swimming pool)
Visiting friends and loved ones
Going shopping
Hobby Classes (Art, Cooking)
Assistance with Personal Activities
We aim to provide support of highest standards that promote independence, choice and dignity. The support provides assistance or supervision for daily personal tasks. You choose the level of assistance you or a loved one needs to live independently. We are committed to provide caring staff who are companions as well as care professionals. Support Coordinator
Personal activities can include:
Personal hygiene (showering, dressing and grooming)
Meal Time/Meal Prep
Overnight Care
We can provide highly qualified support workers to support those individuals that need overnight care to continue living independently. We can assure that you are well cared for and supported, and safe whilst enjoying a peaceful good night’s sleep. Our services include Personal Care 24/7, Sleepover companionship, Watcher.
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