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Thai Mussaman Curry Spice Blend

Australia | General information | Popularity - 0/10
Mussaman (“Muslim-style”) is a curry hailing from southern Thailand. Quite dissimilar from other Thai curries, Mussaman has a distinctly Indian influence, notably in the addition of spices from the subcontinent such as cardamom, clove and nutmeg. Thai Mussaman curry
Although Mussaman has a softer heat profile and sweeter taste compared to more typical Thai curries, it is spiced not for fieriness but for freshness and flavour and is one of the most complicated of Thai curries. Mussaman is usually made with beef, lamb, chicken or vegetables (specially potatoes) and flavoured with roasted, aromatic warm spices, fish sauce, tamarind and coconut.
Spice Zen Mussaman Curry Spice Blend is a deep red-coloured medley of 14 roasted, stoneground organic herbs and spices. Mulled wine
The key to a deliciously authentic, exotically fragrant Mussaman that explodes with warm, heavenly flavour is a perfectly matched ratio of spices and seasonings. Spice Zen’s Mussaman Curry Spice Blend allows you to cook a winning Mussaman curry at home without the hassle of gathering a long list of ingredients, some of which are used in very small quantities.
Explore with this spice blend in other curries, stews, soups, noodles, salads and for marinating meats or vegetables.
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