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California City:
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Mold Inspection Vorhees

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Are you searching for an experienced and professional Upper Darby home inspector? Mold Solutions & Inspections deliver a thorough property inspection and report. Our mold inspectors are certified, and they come with years of professional experience. When you schedule a mold inspection, our inspectors arrive on time, complete the job in one day, and deliver a timely report that is easy to understand. Mold Solutions & Inspections stands out among competitors. Mold Testing Vorhees

Many homes in the area are older and require regular maintenance to ensure maximum safety and efficiency. Our inspectors check for a full range of problems, including the following:

• Mold Damage
• Hoarding Cleanup
• Water Damage
• Fire & Smoke Damage
• Bio-hazard Cleaning
• Dehumidification

The certified mold inspectors at Mold Solutions & Inspections use state-of-the-art equipment such as infrared cameras, video cameras and moisture meters to determine just how bad a mold problem is in a particular Upper Darby home or office. We offer a wide range of mold tests including air, surface, bulk lifts, bacterial and more. These samples will be sent to an independent lab for an analysis that can ascertain if the molds or spores are harmful. Mold Inspection Vorhees

We provide mold testing in Upper Darby and all surrounding areas as well as a thorough assessment of all damage. Mold and mildew can feed on many materials in your home, including drywall, paper, and other organic materials. Mold is a natural outdoor occurrence everywhere in the world; however, in your home environment, it can present some health problems. Some people are allergic or very sensitive to mold, so it is imperative to have proper testing done.
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