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Michael Eastwood, Founder & CEO of Mastermind Promotion Announces Two New Divisions Of The Company Along with Mastermind Academy and New Premises

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Michael Eastwood founded Mastermind Promotion (est. 2006), a UK & U.S music-focused 360 PR, Marketing, and modern Label Services platform, based in London. His company Mastermind has developed an innovative Go-To-Market strategy for artists and brands in the music industry leading to awards, major record deals, large festival bookings, international tours and top 20 chart success.
He has today announced the launching of two new divisions (Mastermind Social Media, Mastermind Branding) within the Mastermind Group along with their own specialist online learning platform for artists, Mastermind Academy. Both the divisions and Academy are due for launch in the 3rd quarter of 2020. He also announced company’s new premises in the heart of Wimbledon this August,
“Mastermind Promotion is here to empower talented artists and help drive their success. We believe that every musician should be in charge of their own careers, that’s why Mastermind Promotion is here to help artists rise above; providing artists with full control of their futures.” - Michael Eastwood – Founder & CEO, Mastermind Group
For years Mastermind Promotion and Michael Eastwood have consulted artists in all areas that are proven to have a direct impact on their success.  Specialising in Publicity, Radio, Branding, Social Media and Artist Development, to help musicians achieve their vision. The announcement of the separate Mastermind Branding and Social Media divisions aim to improve client relations, results and streamline the process of the companies 'Complete Solution™ service, which provides artists with a full 360 release strategy and implementation for their PR, Marketing, Branding and Social Media needs. The ‘Complete Solution’ comprises Mastermind's  trademarked solutions in Social Media (The Social Media Growth Formula™), Branding (The Establish and Flourish System™ ) and Promotion (The Advanced Credibility Method™)  respectively.
In conjunction to the rolling out of the Mastermind Branding and Social Media divisions, the Mastermind Group have also announced the launch of their new E-learning platform Mastermind Academy, aimed at artists looking to take the DIY route. The platform will give artists the tools and information they need to successfully position themselves in the music industry, advising them on a plethora of topics ranging from branding to PR. The platform will also allow users to share their own experiences, tips & tricks and socialise with fellow artists, promoting collaborations throughout the site. The exact launch date of the Mastermind Academy has not yet been made public, however it is confirmed to be launching in the fourth quarter of 2020.  Michael Eastwood Mastermind
Michael Eastwood is known for his ability to obtain press in major publications, radio stations and TV. The BBC Network, Rolling Stone, NME, and MOJO, are examples of publicity Michael Eastwood has achieved for his artists. Working campaigns for musicians, music brands and festivals such as Tom Robinson, Van Morrison, Brendan Benson (The Raconteurs), Secret Garden Party Festival and Dead Prez. With these new announcements Michael Eastwood and the Mastermind team hope to continue the work they are doing on an even  larger scale then seen before and are excited to also be meeting into new premises as a part of their expansion plans.
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