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Recreational Steel Buildings

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Steel buildings such as hockey arenas and gymnasiums can be order and delivered to site quickly.  These buildings are pre engineered and are also used at golf courses, ski resorts, stadiums, event centers, indoor soccer, indoor tennis and many more.  With their high ceilings and clear span design they are the choice of most organizations when building indoor sporting facilities.  Not only are these buildings installed quickly but they are cost effective as well. Used Steel Buildings for Sale Ontario
With our green building design we can supply you with a new steel building that includes a high R value insulation system that will lower your winter heating costs and summer cooling costs.  With the introduction of Ontario’s new energy efficiency requirements its important to plan ahead and make sure you exceed these minimum requirements.  Ontario has some of the most progressive insulation regulations in North America.  With a minimal insulation upgrade from the beginning you will save in the long run on utility costs and overhead.
Agricultural Steel Buildings
Steel agricultural buildings can be used for either work shops, hay and grain storage, machine and equipment storage, riding arenas, barns and many more uses.  Steel buildings are very versatile as farm buildings and are increasingly being used instead of wood which can rot, warp or promote mold growth.  Our layouts and designs are made to fit the tightest budgets and we are now offering a concrete free foundation system.  This allows for a fast install and a dramatic cost savings on the foundation.  Our interior column free designs take the worry away from accidental damage to your expensive equipment. Used Steel Buildings Canada
Another benefit to using steel for your next agricultural building is that we can design it for easy expansion in the future.  This is an extra cost savings due to the fact we reuse the existing end walls on the new addition and no extra engineering is required on the original building.  If you want a quality structure from people you can trust call us at Prestige Steel Buildings.  We will be happy to answer all your questions and visit your site to help come up with the best solution for your building needs.
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