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iManage Cloud Migration

California City - United States | General information | Popularity - 0/10
MacroAgility makes the trip to the Cloud seamlessly trouble-free for law firms, corporate legal firms, and financial firms of all sizes.
Transitioning to iManage Cloud service allows law firms, corporate legal firms and financial firms to take full advantage of iManage’s artificial intelligence-enabled email and DMS. MacroAgility makes the shift to the iManage Cloud fluid, effortless and non-disruptive. iManage Cloud Migration
Cloud Migration
iManage Cloud is the service method selected by contemporary law firms, financial firms, and corporate legal firms desiring the reliability, security, scalability, and mobility that is impossible through on-prem servers.
iManage Cloud service provides the assurance of a multi-server foundation for seamless day-to-day operations. It is diversified over data centers globally for ultimate protection and continuity of workflow.
MacroAgility gives you the full range of iManage Cloud service, tailored to the unique needs of your firm. We optimize the iManage artificial intelligence-enabled DMS and Cloud platform for you, allowing you to design a benefits suite that works best. iManage legal software
iManage Cloud Features
·         Continual relevance across applications
·         Device-agnostic/mobile access
·         Uptime reliability of 99.985%
·         Automated updates
·         Zero Trust Infrastructure
·         iManage Share allows direct sharing through Work 10, secure link creation in Outlook, automated workspace generation, customized web portal, automated addition of collaborators, and full governance and knowledge auditing of documents and emails
iManage OCR (Optical Character Recognition) enables quick searching across all work product by converting image files into text searchable files
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