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How To Get Featured on Spotify Playlists

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Spotify, the once new kid on the block that changed the way we consume music and the go-to for artists worldwide to get their music heard.
Though there’s still a lot of controversy over how much musicians are paid - it’s still the top music streaming service - though the competition has heated up over the years with rivals looking to take the streaming crown.
More recently though, there’s been some big changes afoot where we’re seeing Spotify turning into a social media platform too.
Though interactions between users are still pretty limited, the introduction of video podcasts and a story function is bridging the gap between streaming and social media.
Like all social media platforms, they all want the same thing, consistency and frequency of use. They want their content creators to keep users on the platform for as long as possible. Because the longer you’re using it, the more chance they have to throw ads at you.
Musicians that can keep listeners glued to their channel naturally get rewarded by the Spotify algorithm with more traffic and visibility to other users. Music Podcast Service
This can be anything from having a track listened to, liked, added to a playlist or shared on social media. It’s almost like a points system, where the more points you collect, the higher up the ranks you go.
Spotify tracks all of this activity. Just like every other platform, they want to show relevant content to users. So they collect this data from you and the users and marries the best matched data together.
The time somebody spends listening to you and browsing your profile matters. You need to treat your Spotify like you do any other channel.
Keep your profile updated regularly and push content consistently to keep the algorithm happy so it knows you’re an active user that it should care about.
Getting on playlists has become the modern version of getting on the radio. It’s a super effective way to get your music in front of a large global audience.
You can achieve this by getting your music used by content creators on social media with large following too, of course. But the genius thing about Spotify is that you have your profile on the platform which makes it easy for anybody who’s discovered you to find a lot more - directly.
This way you get your streaming numbers increased - which is one of your revenue streams - so it’s a win-win situation.  Best Music Distribution Companies
I will tell you something before we get stuck in and I cannot stress this enough… Do not buy playlist placement!
If you’re thinking about paying to get playlisted or featured. DON’T DO IT. Here’s why:
Many of the playlists you pay to get on are fake and run by bots - not actual music lovers
Spotify hates bots (just like Instagram hates it too) and you will be punished virtually by having bans or visibility stripped
In Spotify’s own words:
“If someone or a third party company is offering placement on a playlist in exchange for money, this is a streaming manipulation service that goes against Spotify’s guidelines for music promotion”.
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