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Learning to work with institutional investors

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The opinion that investors came out of the shadow only with the advent of cryptocurrency is fundamentally wrong.  In fact, investment in the purpose of further extracting profit existed even before the blockchain, the invention of the light bulb and even the discovery of America.  But at that time investors looked different, and the agreements on transactions were very specific, but that’s not what we are talking about now.
Nowadays, the relationship of the parties has moved into the digital space, forming a different approach to doing business.  Don’t know how to submit your project in the light of new circumstances?!  – Lucky for you, we are ready to share with you the secrets of remote work with institutional investors. Crypto Advertising Networks
Project representatives used to go around the offices of companies in order to attract investments, today a startup applies a lot of digital opportunities: starting with communication using instant messengers ending with online video presentations.
Technical progress gives modern society a lot of advanced ideas. While the free time of investors decreases.  Accordingly, the task of the project representatives is to create a short, highly concentrated presentation, “catchy” at first glance. Crypto Advertising Agency
The small volume allows the investor to quickly familiarize himself with the offer and promptly present his decision.  You must admit if you try raising funds with the help of White Paper alone, which is over 100 pages, – you won’t reach a similar effect. 
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