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How to Choose a Ceiling Fan

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For many people, ceiling fans are a staple item that can help reduce energy expenses. So, we looked at a range of core features to help streamline your shopping experience. We considered the fan size, the number of blades and blade styles, mounting options, controls, and accessories. While all the ceiling fan models in our roundup are designed explicitly for indoor use, if you’re thinking of installing a ceiling fan outdoors, you need to be mindful of weatherproof ratings as well. How to Choose a Ceiling Fan

We understand that each buyer is going to have their own needs when it comes to fan size. So, while we only highlighted a select number of fan sizes, you can easily shop from any of the brands on our list and find a size that’s compatible with the square footage of whichever room where you plan to install it. However, in our roundup, we included a fan for tight spaces (#4), fans for average-sized rooms (Honorable Mention and Best Budget) and a fan for large rooms (Top PIck).

In our selections, only the Top Pick offers a five-blade design. The remaining options are all three-blade options. But it’s important to highlight that the number of blades won’t impact how well a ceiling fan cools or moves air through a room. But we continued focusing on blade design. You’ll note that our Best Budget and #4 selections both offer reversible blade designs. Reversible blades usually offer a darker and lighter side. This is ideal if you want to change your room’s decor frequently and want to adjust your ceiling fan blades to match it.

In terms of mounting options, all of the models on our list are designed to be flush-mounted. However, some models, such as our #4 choice can be flush mounted in two ways — flush to a traditional ceiling and flush against an angled ceiling. The remaining three models (#1, #2, and #3) didn’t specify that they were compatible with angled flush mounting.

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Next, we looked at controls and accessories. Only our Honorable Mention choice came with a remote control to operate the fan speeds or lights. All of the remaining models offered pull chains, with our Top Pick highlighting that a remote could be bought separately from the brand if users wanted to use a remote. Additionally, only our Top Pick featured an optional light kit. In contrast, the other three choices in our list offered integrated lighting which can’t be removed. And only our Honorable Mention lacked downrods as part of the standard installation kit.
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