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Port Angeles:
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Nature & Twilight Fan goes back for more

Port Angeles - United States | Impressions | Popularity - 0/10
I have been a Twihard since before it was a word. Any Twihard can tell you the importance of Port Angeles in Bella & Edward's love story. 
Where Edward heroically saves Bella from attackers and they go to Bella Italia. 
Where Edward encourages Bella to eat. She ultimately orders the Mushroom Ravioli. 
Which Bella Italia in Port Angeles still has. ($17 USD per plate, but incredible and worth every penny)
Made with locally sourced mushrooms. 
Sure, there are less Twilight attractions now, but this one is still available and very worth it.

Not to mention the beach is right down the street. Look for The Red Lion hotel in Port Angeles and you will find a small area where you can walk the shore, and find several sculptures, and other various attractions. 
To me, it is always worth the stop.
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