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April 12 (12 апреля)

Saint-Petersburg - Russia | Native restaurants, cafes | Popularity - 0/10
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Great theme cafe in the heart of the city! This cafe is located on the main street of the city (Nevskiy prospekt) and very close to the main attractions, such as Kazan cathedral, Zinger's house, Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood etc. The prices are very low. The menu is rather short, but every position in there is worth trying. Donuts the old S.Petersburg way, dumplings, meat pasty (cheburek) are the must!

Отличное тематическое кафе с ненавязчивым интерьером и очень приятными ценами! Пышки по-старопитерски, какао в граненых стаканах, кофе как раньше, пельмени, сырники и чебуреки. Цены очень демократичные, можно перекусить на 100-200 рублей.

Accessibility level

Within the city

How to get

The easiest way to get here is by subway (metro station is Gostiniy Dvor)

Price level

Very low

Opening hours



  • Address : Невский проспект 20
  • GPS coordinates : 59.93616,30.321558
  • Interesting pages:
  • Phone : 79095843854
  • Tags : Children
  • Other place names: 12 апреля (RU)


Irina S

Modify date: 03.Oct.2016

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