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Money or wealth is the most requisite thing in the present times. Without money there is no life. From the moment one comes to life to the moment of his/her extinction from this world money is needed everywhere every moment. In the present times all the countries are interconnected and this world as a whole and we as a species are progressing together in order to achieve what we think, imagine and desire. No one wants to give something for free whether it was the ancient time where goods were exchanged among each other in accordance to their need for an individual or it is the present time where there is a whole new economic and monetary system where everything is assigned with a fixed value.
The modern people of the present times are running towards the acquisition of more and more money. They are working day and night, sacrificing some of their needs, and dreams just to earn more money so that they can later live a life they always dreamed of. As quoted by Henry Ford “it is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for it they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning”. Talking about countries on the other side is a bit interesting as in the developed countries people can easily earn the necessary amount of money they need for their survival while for people of developing countries are struggling to earn money for their survival. So from the above lines the conclusion comes at last is everyone needs money.
Money/Wealth and its types:- money/wealth can be classified into many types such as paper money that everybody use in their day to day life or an investment in precious metals and stones like Gold, Silver and Ruby, or the acquisition of land and liquid assets and many more.
With the advent of technology and mainly the INTERNET there is a new type of monetary system that came into play. It is the digital currency or the e-cash. One such popular and successful e-cash is the BitCoin. With the use of BitCoin one can buy, exchange or transfer digital currency. After its arrival into the digital world it became so popular that nowadays everything that is sold on internet can be bought with the use of BitCoin.
The value of a single BitCoin keeps changing with time and people use this as a mode of income as they buy BitCoin at a low price and sell it as soon as its price rises. People can Buy Perfectmoney with Paypal and can use them according to their need. There are many online websites that assist and help one in buying BitCoins and they have many payment options like one can even buy BitCoins online with PayPal.
This digital currency has completely revolutionized the monetary system of the world as now billion dollar deals is not a big deal and this digital currency market is said to be the future for economic system.
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