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Food is Our Religion: Open Own Restaurant Business in India

Bengaluru - India | Wineries, distilleries, breweries | Popularity - 0/10
If you’ve wanted to open your own restaurant in India for years, it might be time to sit down and draw up a plan to open your own business. To help you create a recipe for success, we’ve put together a how-to-get-started guide to make sure you have all the ingredients you need to opening up a new restaurant checklist in India. If you want a successful restaurant, you’ll need to invest some serious time and money.The two most important reasons you need a restaurant business plan. One, it helps you see potential problems in your restaurant plan, such as not enough of a population base. Two, it's virtually impossible to get financing without one.

Financing is what prevents many from opening their own restaurant. Although it is somewhat more difficult to get financing for a restaurant, due to their higher failure rate, than for some other business types, it is not impossible. Between banks, small business agencies, and private investors, there are several financing possibilities. Some basic  steps for starting a restaurant business in india must include the following requirements-

Restaurant Design-

A common sense rule about designing a restaurant is that you never have as much space as your first think you do. Even the most cavernous of spaces fill up quickly when you start adding commercial kitchens, walk-in refrigerators, a bar, restrooms, and a waiting area. A restaurant's design should be a balance between aesthetics and seating capacity, keeping practicality in mind.

Menus, Equipment, and Staff -

A well-written restaurant menu should be descriptive, easy to read, and have a clear, uncluttered layout. Also, it's better to use an attractive font and high-quality paper than muck it up with generic art found on the internet. Once you have your restaurant design down, you can start purchasing commercial kitchen equipment and furniture for your dining room and other areas in the front of the house. To save money, consider buying used equipment from a reliable source.


Advertising is a must for most new restaurants. Today, you can supplement social media advertising such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, with more traditional advertising, such as newspapers and radio ads, depending on your concept and the diners you want to reach.

Okay, so hereby oneone.co.in has considered all the requirements for starting an Indian restaurant. We also took it further by analyzing and drafting a sample Indian restaurant marketing plan template backed up by actionable guerrilla marketing ideas for Indian restaurants.
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