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P-Shots: Setting Expectations Right

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Platelet rich plasma (PRP) has been implicated in different aspects of medical practice. PRP nowadays is a very common medical treatment employed in aesthetic, Rheumatology and in sport medicine.
Platelets are commonly known for being part of the coagulation process, thus it plays a major role in stopping any bleeding after an injury. In addition, platelets have a number of growth factors such as EGF, IGF1, VEGF, PDGF, bFGF and TGF-beta.
These growth factors will:
Promote cell growth and improve the tensile strength.
Promote and regulate new cell differentiation.
Promote collagen production.
Collagen and non-collagen proteins deposition in the tissue.
Induce blood vessels growth.
All of those growth factors assist in tissue rehabilitation and regeneration as much as tissue repair. The regenerated tissues are usually normal functional tissue, however and due to different factors including aging and unrestrictive damage caused by medical condition, it may render it suboptimal when it comes to functionality.
What to expect when getting P-Shot injections
Male individuals receiving P-shots will expect to have the procedure explained to them and set a realistic expectation for the possible outcomes, side effects and longevity when it comes to performing P-shots.
Patients will receive local anaesthesia during the process either using an injectable local anaesthetic (penile block) or by using topical anaesthetic. PRP Injection
As the doctor and the patient are waiting for the anaesthetics to take effect, the patient will have 40-60 cc of his blood drawn and spinned (centrifuged) a few times to acquire the PRP. The amount drawn will usually render about 6-7 ml of PRP which will be sufficient for 4-5 injections.
PRP will then be processed using calcium chloride to release the needed growth factors before being prepared by the medical staff for injection.
Areas of injection should be properly cleaned and using antiseptic solutions and prepared prior to proceeding with the injection. P Shot Malaysia Price
Side Effects
Despite being rare, possible side effects should be discussed and explained to the patient, among those complications that can occur in any other treatment that utilising injectable medications are:-
·         Swelling
·         Bruising
·         Bleeding
·         Inflammation
·         Infection
·         Scaring
·         Outbreak of herpes sores (in patients with history of herpes simplex infection)
How soon can you notice the effect?
When it comes to P-shots, patient response (e.g. onset of effect, rate of improvement and longevity) varies. Some patients will start noticing the effect as soon as 24 hours after the procedure. However, the majority will have to undergo 2 – 3 treatment before noticing a good result. This is totally explainable, as after the injection, the penile (cavernous) tissue will undergo a process of inflammation for the first 1-6 days. Following that, the proliferative and reconstruction process will be taking place from day 6 until day 14, while the maturation of the newly formed tissue will start from day 8 until 1 year following the last treatment, the effect usually reaches its peak by the third month.
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