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Trusted Innovative & Best Property Management Company in Calgary - Condobridge.com

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The foundation of a positive relationship between a Property Manager and the Condo/Strata Corporation comes from care, compassion and competence. Condo Bridge invests heavily in a supportive environment for its Board/Council members and owners, to operate their buildings with ease and simplicity.

Our expert Condo Property Managers advise clients through project management/coordination, quotes, and building repairs. We provide you with leadership and professionalism through a calm and reasonable manner in which to deal with any situation. Alberta's Condo Act and Regulations are changing ‐ we keep you informed of what they mean and how they affect your building.

Property Management Service

Fast Response

From the moment an owner submits a request or question to our property manager, the clock is ticking. We strive for the fastest turnaround times in the industry by utilizing smart technology. This allows ongoing and emergency support to be handled expediently and to a satisfactory resolution for all. Responses are benchmarked internally to understand where we can continually improve and improve our service.

Industry Expertise

Condo Bridge is actively involved in industry and community discussions and keeps your Corporation up to date on the latest trends and concerns. Our property managers take great satisfaction in reasoning through difficult situations with a high standard of excellence; they are well organized and very efficient in time management.

Care and Support

We recognize that this is also your home. Your home being one of your largest investments, needs to be managed to a standard that you are comfortable with. Our clients can attest that we have their back every step of the way.


We follow up on every task so you don’t have to. Every request sent through our portal is entered into our digital platform so that owners, Board/Council members and the property manager have full transparency, and nothing gets overlooked.

Latest Technology

We like to say that the development team at Condo Bridge can build anything. And it's true. We are constantly developing to make our clients' experience the best in the industry. Owning and living in, or renting a condo/strata is exciting and we want to keep your property ahead of the curve by merging new problem solving ideas with your feedback. Property Management Company Calgary

Full Security

Your data is secured with military grade encryption technology. Enterprise class security to ensure your data is secure at all levels.

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