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Uruguayan software side by side with the Municipality of Quito

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Under the motto “we are here to help”, with Flokzu, a digital process management software, we have come to Quito, Ecuador, to collaborate in times of emergency.
Just a few days after the arrival of Coronavirus to Uruguay, and in understanding the severity of the situation, we launched a collaboration campaign. Thus, in this campaign, we offer our software, together with consulting from our professionals, to facilitate its rapid adoption.
It is in the spirit of making working from home easier, and collaborating with keeping up the productivity in the new normal, is that Flokzu was adopted by various organizations thanks to this free campaign. But currently, this campaign has taken an unexpected flight. How to Document Workflow
The arrival to Quito
Thanks to the excellent management of one of Flokzu’s international consultants in Ecuador, our software came into the hands of the Municipality of Quito. Here, several processes have been developed to handle various aspects related to COVID-19, given the emergency in various parts of Ecuador.
One of the most important processes that were designed was in order to carry out a georeferenced survey of children from 5 to 11 years old. This process served to determine the need for access to technology, and as a result, children in municipal schools can have access to distance education. Is in this way, with the simple entry of an application, using Public Form from Flokzu, children and their families can transmit their needs to the authorities, and they are able to give them access to the technology they need to study. So far, 5 thousand children have had access to technology through this system. Reimbursement Process
In the future…
In this way, several more processes have been put into operation, such as the enrollment of kids to enter high school, among others. Also, we started working to improve the management of existing processes within the Municipality of Quito, and we expect to put more processes into production in the coming days.
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