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Fundraising Consultant NZ

Los Angeles - United States | General information | Popularity - 0/10
We've worked with over 40 not-for-profits, so we know that developing and delivering organisational and donor communications and marketing can sometimes prove challenging within your resource. We also know it can be hard to understand where you should be focusing your energy. That’s where we come in. We are specialists at identifying your unique position and then building and implementing solutions that will streamline your activity and help you more successfully engage with and gain supporters. Communications are critical to your organisation and fundraising - by showing your impact, celebrating your donors and creating urgency you will create more engagement, build trust and encourage higher and new giving. That's what NFP wants to support you to achieve. Hire a Fundraiser NZ  
Having a strategy is key and we can help there as well. But you having the tools and skill to implement it is important too. That's why we walk alongside you and do the doing where it needs to get done to help build your capacity. We know that can be the challenging part. And because we are expert, we can get it done effectively.
Our goal is to build capacity within your organisation to ensure you are delivering communications that support and grow giving. You can find a list of some of the ways we can help you here. But we understand your needs will be individual. Get in touch with us so we can figure out the best way for you to achieve communications success. Fundraising Consultant NZ
Fundraising Services
Readying your orgnisation for successful fundraising; review and/or set up of fundraising streams that will work for you
Develop and implement tailored operational fundraising strategies
Process creation, stewardship planning
Donor prospecting, profiling
Database setup, review, analysis and support
Advisory services around access to funding
Develop and implement major donor strategy
Develop and implement bequest strategy
Develop and implement corporate sponsorship strategy
Develop and implement trust and grant strategy
Develop and implement annual appeal and regular giving strategy
Develop and implement general/emergency campaigns
Develop and implement direct mail campaigns
Develop and implement retention and acquisition campaigns
Develop and implement tailored capital fundraising strategies
Develop and undertake feasibility studies
Relationship management
Emergency organisational management advice
Endowment funds
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