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Barbicide Hand Sanitizing Gel

Los Angeles - United States | Nail salons | Popularity - 0/10
You work with people's hair and faces so you know that frequent sanitizing of your hands is vital to prevent cross contamination and illness.  Barbicide - a brand you trust now has a 16fl oz. pump gel so you can sanitize on the go.  This 70% Ethyl Alcohol formulation kills 99.99% of germs.  I know you can just pick hand gel up at the dollar store,  but do you really trust that stuff?  What the heck is even in it?  This product is made in the USA.  It is pure and clean and made by the folks that make the blue stuff that Professional Barbers have trusted for decades.  Put one on your back bar and put one out of the customers.  A nice touch and they will see you are serious about cleanliness. Barbicide Hand Sanitizing Gel
Extreme Starter Kit Dipping Powder. Complete and Easy-To-Use Powder Manicure Dipping Kit
DIPPING POWDER ESSENTIALS KIT. Our all-inclusive color dip powder professional nail kit comes with everything you need for creative dip designs and beautiful full coverage in less time than traditional acrylic application. Extreme Starter Kit Dipping
QUICK DIP SYSTEM. This dip powder starter kit is natural and lightweight, professionally formulated without harsh chemicals and contains complex bonds that keep it from chipping, discoloration and lift.
BUILT TO INSPIRE. We understand the importance of providing easy-to-use, quality products to all the nail artists of the world. Our goal is to share our professional knowledge and continue educating and inspiring future talented nail artists.
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