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Sapin's Motorcyle
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What is more beautiful than a friendship for life, mom? That friendship like the one you had in the college years ago and lasts until now. In this story, our little protagonist meets an alien and they both become very good friends. Aside from friendship, this story wants to show that, despite the great differences between the two of them, they were not prejudiced and embarked together on countless and exciting adventures while taking care of each other. With this book you will be able to teach your little one that what really matters is what we have inside and that there is no need to pay attention to appearances! Customized Books Online
The time ship
Mom, I have arrived on time to help my friends and we have arranged all the toys! Is there something better than knowing that your child will always respect schedules and will have everything properly organized? In this story, the protagonist travels with his best friends, Scott the puppy and Trotamundos the bear, to outer space. Together they will have amazing adventures and discover how important it is to be punctual and organized. Will they make it back in time to the rocket that will take them back home? This book will show your little one how to deal with situations, schedules, how important organization is and how good it is to help their friends as if they were one!
The dream thief
Mom, I have done everything you asked me to do! There is nothing better in life than knowing that your child is fulfilling his responsibilities and telling you the truth. In this story, our protagonist has to face the consequences of not complying with the prohibition of entering the forest that surrounds his city. Having done so, he will have to give up his dreams in order to see his family again. With this story your child will discover the importance of respecting the rules and not lying! In addition, it will show them how good it is to put themselves in the place of the others and that this is something very important to do with their friends in order to understand what happens to them when they are having bad times.
The secret broom
For the child is really important to know how to express their emotions and how to take control of them. Thanks to the friendly troll that our little protagonist will meet, we will learn with him the best way to express our feelings and how it affects the way we do it to other people. Our little one will learn how to tell what he feels and that if he does it in the proper way, people will be able to understand perfectly what is happening to him. This story will awake emotions to both of you and you will enjoy reading it together! Custom Story Book
The great chef
I have already prepared the food to cook our favorite dish, mom! We know that you love to cook with your son and make him the food he likes the most? With this story we will teach how important it is to collaborate with others in order to do everything properly and that when working with food you have to be clean and organized. A tale full of tenderness with which you can enjoy together a story full of magical recipes with which to sweeten your life!
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