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How to take awesome product images for your ecommerce site

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Product images are super important for customers visiting your ecommerce site. Product images will tell your story to online customers and will help you grow your e-commerce business.
Although taking images seems easy, product images need to be of professional quality to convince online shoppers to make a purchase on your e-commerce website. Online Store Website Template
So how do you take professional product photos?
Don’t be afraid to use your smartphone:
Use your mobile if you have a good quality smart phone. Smart phones cameras are very advanced and many of them are capable of taking professional photos especially if you have Apple or Samsung phones.
Know your ecommerce website’s desired photo size:
Your ecommerce website will have photo dimensions requirement. Know these dimensions and stick to them. If your product photo does not meet the requirements of your platform it could lead to resizing which will make your product photos distorted or less clear. At CastNow, our platform prefers the photo to be square for best results on your ecommerce shop.
Think about your product idea:
You do not always need to shoot your products’ images in the same way. You could choose your moment carefully to shoot your product images. If you are selling sunglasses, you could showcase your products on the beach. Choose the right background and moment to showcasing your products. Shoot your product images to make your ecommerce customer imagine your product idea.  Grow Your Ecommerce Business
Use a tripod:
A mini-tripod will go a long way in showcasing your product whether you have a smartphone or a professional camera. Many tripods come with 360-degree rotation helping you capture your products minute details.
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